10 Great Tools for Node.Js Software Development

What are some of the tools considered great for Node.Js software development? If you are planning to use Node.Js, this review will inform you about 10 of the best tools that will aid in ensuring your software development needs are successful. Node.Js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment which accomplishes JavaScript code on the exterior of a browser.

Node.Js is meant to operate on a determined HTTP server not to mention it employs one thread with a single procedure at a time. Node.Js apps run asynchronously and they are event-based.

Courtesy of the launching of Node.Js, nowadays it is much easy for app developers to construct a fast, scalable, and reliable website app with lesser lines of code. One of the top-notch merits Node.Js offers is allowing developers to build an app on both the server and client at similar time.

10 Great Tools for Node.Js Software Development

1. Express.Js

Express.Js provides a variety of HTTP techniques, which allows developers to create APIs quickly. It is superfast and assists in achieving scale. Express.Js is a minimalist structure for developing website apps.

2. Broccoli.Js

Broccoli.Js offers a quick and dependable asset connection for build management. This tool assists with compact make definitions and supports persistent-time rebuilds. The tool is easy to utilize, and this is a factor that makes most developers consider it to be very valuable.


Babel in addition to being a JavaScript compiler is a comprehensive tool-chain also that is utilized in front-end development. This tool is essential in transfiguring syntax and it provides support map thus making programmers to debug the code easily.

4. Electrode.Js

Electrode.Js is a structure for native and web applications. It is ideal for not only Node.Js, but also for React.Js and it possesses a standardized framework. The tool incorporates best practises and modern technology, therefore resulting in enhanced productivity.

5. PM2

PM2 in addition to being a Node.Js-based substructure is a production procedure manager for Node.Js applications as well. The tool contains a created-in load balancer, and it is a feature-rich structure offering behavior configuration, watch and reload, and container integration.

6. Koa.Js

Koa.Js offers a sturdy base for web applications as well as APIs. It is a famous web substructure made using Node.Js, which facilitates asynchronous programming and it does not rely on the middleware.

7. Keystone.js

This open-source website framework is utilized by developers to build APIs, web apps, and websites on Node.Js. It is a CMS i.e. Content Management System framework tool which uses Express.Js. Keystone.Js ensures that building actual-world database fields such as address, name, and email among others is easier.


Meteor enables developers to create cross-platform development, in that they can easily code for web, Android, and iOS. This Node.Js-based substructure is quicker and easier to use platform and works well with any existing popular development tool.


Socket.io framework is utilized by Trello, Zendesk, Yammer, and Microsoft Office among other items as a website state. The framework allows programmers to code prompt chat and messaging features. With Socket.io, developers can be able to build applications which facilitate simultaneous editing of documents.

10. Webpack

Webpack has the capacity to serve and bundle assets much faster and easier than the other development tools. The tool simplifies the entire procedure of deployment of apps therefore making the development exercise easy.

Bottom Line

If you opt to perform a tactical Node.Js development task, these are the various tools which can help you out. Ensure you utilize them when necessary in order to reap from what they give.